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The Too Busy Trap

The Too Busy Trap

by Howard Lees

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The Too Busy Trap explains why perfectly intelligent people can find themselves in situations where they have difficulty getting things done at work. I wrote the original Too Busy Trap in 2011, and I am pleased to say that it has proved to be popular the world over.

I have received a considerable amount of feedback on the first edition over the years. In this edition, I have rewritten the book, taking into account all of this valuable feedback.

This new edition also includes an extended chapter 11 and incorporates the brilliant work on behaviour analysis by Dr Ryan Olson (The Performance Equation). It also includes Bruce Faulkner's excellent work on 'Workplace Environment Analysis'.

All the situations mentioned in this booklet are a combination of real life encounters I have happened upon over the last twenty years. Of course, there are no names mentioned and I have disguised the more notorious stories to protect, well, me.

I hope you enjoy the booklet, it was written with a smile and I hope you read it with the same expression.

Howard Lees, Bollington, July 2017

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