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Meet The Team

Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards - Director

Rachel specialises in designing and delivering behavioural training and coaching. She is responsible for leading major BMT projects for Hollin, such as the London Underground BMT roll out which led to the Bond Street Station Upgrade project winning ICE’s 'project team of the year' in 2015. Rachel coaches some of the UK's best current leaders, as well as a number of leaders of the future. Many teams going through behavioural assessments have benefitted from Rachel’s combination of behavioural expertise and her background in the engineering and rail sectors.


Joanne Lees

Joanne Benjamin - Director

Joanne has extensive experience in developing business improvements through coaching and projects. Alongside leadership coaching, Joanne coaches internal company trainees who have gone on to successfully improve efficiency and safety in their respective businesses, including blue chip companies. Joanne led the ground-breaking safety studies in Edinburgh City Council leading to a significant improvement in safety performance and a major safety award for the City Council.


Lynn DunlopLynn Dunlop

Lynn is a senior consultant and the Hollin editor, specialising in applying behavioural science to copywriting and editing.  She produces copy and edits documents for bids and tenders, ensuring that they are behavourally sound. She coaches leaders, and delivers training in behavioural safety. With a background in IT, Lynn provides a behavioural perspective on IT roll-outs, increasing the likelihood of a new or upgraded system being successfully rolled out.


 Nicola GriffithsNicola Griffiths

Nicola is our office manager, she is at the heart of running the business and also organising our events and conferences. Nicola will be happy to take your call regarding any of our services.




Howard Lees

Howard Lees CEng FICE

Howard Lees formed Hollin Consulting in 2004 after a career in Civil Engineering and Project Management, latterly in a senior position with the Bechtel Corporation. Having founded Hollin, Howard now focuses on writing and coaching. His experience and expertise on BMT solutions is recognised around the world. He is the author of thirteen books designed to help people use scientific solutions to improve their performance at work and life at home. He is an entertaining and experienced public speaker, delivering presentations at international events home and abroad.


David LeesDavid Lees

David is Managing Director of Hollin NZ, delivering our services in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Based in Christchurch, NZ, David has 15 years’ construction and design experience with Bechtel and Heathrow Airport in the UK, and URS and Cequent in NZ. David specialises in designing bespoke climate surveys, delivering, validating and reporting on the ‘the truth’ for organisations. David has been studying and teaching BMT for 10 years.



Claire WaghornClaire Waghorn MSc (LSE), LLB (UC)

Claire is the General Manager at Hollin NZ and legal advisor to Hollin Group. Hollin NZ is now emerging as the leading BMT consultancy in New Zealand and the client base has expanded rapidly this year. Claire has extensive experience in political, strategic and operational planning, legal research and editing. Claire's speciality is in conflict resolution and she has an impressive track record in consensus decision-making and facilitation.


Alison Lees

Alison Stairmand

Alison is a Hollin trainer with a background in teaching and education. She has been delivering BMT safety and leadership training courses and other Hollin workshops for four years. Alison is also a behavioural coach working with senior managers across the UK. She leads the Hollin Education Project, producing materials to assist teachers to coach and get the best out of their students and peers.


Hollin Associates - Behavioural Support Around the World

Richard Kazbour

Dr Richard Kazbour

Richard Kazbour received his PhD in Behavioral Science from Western Michigan University and is certified through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). He has experience consulting in industries including food service, healthcare, manufacturing, and education, and has conducted research in areas including training, safety improvement, and employee performance.


Lisa Kazbour

Lisa Kazbour

Lisa Kazbour is an award-winning teacher with experience in business, health psychology, and behavioral science. She taught courses in Behavioral Health Psychology and Anatomy at Western Michigan University, where she was also heavily involved in behavioral health research and has delivered behavior based therapies to a variety of clients. 

 Bruce Faulkner Bruce Faulkner

Bruce Faulkner uses his experience and analytic talent to help clients re-align the work environment to get discretionary effort from their employees.  During his career, he has worked on many large-scale projects and held key leadership positions in engineering, operations, and project management.


Ryan Olson

Dr Ryan Olson

Dr. Ryan Olson is based in the Oregon Health and Science University where his research is focused on safety and health interventions for lone workers, and on behavioural self-management methods. Dr. Olson has extensive experience conducting injury prevention and health promotion research in transportation industries (aviation, bus, trucking), as well as home health care and long-term care industries.


Denis O'Hora

Dr Denis O'Hora

Dr. Denis O'Hora is a Chartered Psychologist (Teaching and Research) and Associate Fellow in the British Psychological Society (BPS). He is also a member of the Society for Cognitive Science and the Irish Ergonomics Society, and a Fellow of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science. He is particularly interested in the dynamics of learning and decision making.


Garry Sanderson

Garry Sanderson

Garry has a background in the water industry.  He is particularly talented at visualizing and communicating complex strategic concepts. Garry excels at teaching, modifying and optimising corporate plans and applies his behavioural economics background for clients.


Collette Murray

Collette Murray

Collette Murray is an accredited coach and organisation development specialist. She has worked with organisations across the UK to develop leadership skills, improve organisation effectiveness, implement employee engagement strategies and create high performing teams. Collette supported the foundation of the Leadership Institute at London Business School.


Johan Ginyard

Leif E Andersson

Leif is a Certified Psychologist with a background in computer science. After working as a project manager, sales manager and CEO he has spent the last 20 years training leaders and employees in BMT/OBM. Leif focuses on the core skills needed to achieve actual behavioural change in practice.


Johan Ginyard

Johan Ginyard

Johan is a Certified Psychologist and ex Swedish Air Force Fighter Pilot. He specializes in organizational change, performance and employee engagement. He guides companies, educational institutions, governments and nonprofit organizations supporting human resources, strategy, structures, processes and culture to minimize operational disruptions and adapt to a changing environment.


Manny Rodriguez

Manuel 'Manny' Rodriguez

Manny has worked with organizations across the globe in human services, nuclear power, government, oil and gas, transportation, and chemical within the Fortune 1000, as well as nonprofit.  He delivers one-to-one coaching with executives and senior managers, developing and delivering engaging professional development for thousands of leaders nationally and internationally.


Kate StruttDr Kate Strutt

Kate is a qualified clinical psychologist and has a range of experience working within health, social care and education services with adults and children with physical disabilities, brain injury, mental health issues, learning disabilities and autism. Kate has an interest in systems and organisational level interventions. She has supported a number of organisations to develop and implement a clear strategy around increasing positive behaviour both in the people those organisations serve and the staff teams within them.


Duncan HassonDuncan Hasson

Duncan has substantial experience in developing high performing teams in the UK and New Zealand. Duncan is an award-winning Coach and Director with the capabilities to succeed in challenging construction environments. He uses behaviour-based techniques to create positive changes in organisations. His experience is in construction-related works within Rail, Highways, Water, Airports and Manufacturing.


Sarah Schubert

Sarah Schubert

Sarah Schubert has significant experience in strategy development, account management, bid process improvement, bid delivery and client feedback for major, high profile projects for Arcadis, Atkins and Mott MacDonald. In bidding, she particularly focuses teams on identifying and articulating clear win themes which respond to the client’s needs to deliver winning bids.



John Austin

Dr John Austin

Dr. John Austin is an internationally recognised expert in providing behaviour-based solutions to organisational challenges.  He has consulted with organisations to improve productivity and safety in various industries.  In the area of improving human performance, he has published more than 85 articles and chapters, delivered nearly 200 presentations and has published three books.


Nicole Gravina      Dr Nicole Gravina

Dr. Nicole Gravina is an expert in behavioural science and uses behaviour-based techniques to create positive changes in organisations.  She is President-Elect of the OBM Network and on the board of advisors for the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.  Nicole helps organisations achieve improvements in safety, leadership, employee satisfaction and engagement.  She has published numerous articles and speaks at conferences world-wide.