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Why Use Hollin?

The Hollin approach is to first teach BMT to organisational leaders, then to cascade that knowledge down through the rest of the company.  The training is initially all carried out by Hollin, but over time a number of people within the company are identified and trained in BMT in order to cascade training throughout the organisation.  Eventually, Hollin’s involvement fades as the people within the organisation become fluent in BMT. 

This model has been successful since we began training in 2004.  Our training methods are data-based; we constantly test for knowledge in order for each student to get the most out of the courses.  Our trainers use behaviourally-sound teaching methods so we can maximise both learning and knowledge-retention amongst trainees. 

Behavioural Science is chiefly concerned with gathering data to see what ‘works’ and what doesn’t work.  Our method of training reflects this and it is a main component of what we teach, but it also means that we have data to show how successful BMT is.  The data below is taken from the end-of-class projects that each student must complete to graduate.  These reflect real, data-based improvements in safety and efficiency:

BIP Graphs


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