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What is BMT?

Introduction to BMT

Behavioural Management Techniques, or BMT, is a unique blend of Applied Behavioural Science tools and Project Management skills.

Applied Behavioural Science or Applied Behaviour Analysis are the formal names for the science of behaviour.  Behaviour can easily be defined as ‘what people say and do’.  Behavioural Science is distinct from Psychology as it only relates to what people say and do, not what they think or feel.  A scientific approach simplifies analysis and significantly increases the probability of achieving tangible results.

Project management skills include leadership, planning, forecasting, mitigating, expediting and time management.  Whilst these are most often used in business or project scenarios, all these skills are useful if you are a leader of any kind; a parent, teacher, entrepreneur or manager.

The Hollin team have developed behaviourally-sound training and coaching that also teaches basic project-management skills: Behavioural Management Techniques, or BMT.  The aim of BMT is to get people to do the right things because they want to, not because they have to. Over 10,000 people around the world have been trained in BMT since 2005.

To improve current performance, a good understanding of what's actually happening now is the starting place.  It is important to observe enough of the current behaviours to be able to pinpoint the current workplace environment.  Once we understand the drivers of the current environment, we can adjust it, and ultimately achieve the desired results.  This is achieved by ‘shaping’ the way in which people work; by helping them to change the environment around them.  

By providing support and feedback, as well as appropriate and timely consequences for both success and failure, improvements in leadership skills, coaching skills, business efficiency, and on-site safety can be achieved.