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The Hollin Course

The course is based on a blend between applied behavioural science and the basic operating principles of project management.  Theories learnt during the course equip the delegates with a clearer understanding of their daily interactions, how to better influence those around them through the timely consequences they apply, and the ability of the individual to provide leadership within an environment through their own behaviour.

These behavioural skills are learnt though a combination of theory and practice; the training consists of 7 half-day classroom sessions and interactive remote study.  Over a period of 12 weeks, each course attendee completes case studies and reads behavioural literature to learn more about the subject. 

During the course, the delegates practise their new skills and make changes to their own and others’ behaviour through the use of these techniques.  The participants learn to pinpoint, measure and feedback on behaviours observed, which combined with a deliberate application of behavioural consequences, impacts on results achieved. 

These skills enable the participants to approach dysfunctional behaviours in both their social and professional lives and provide a considered solution. 

Behavioural science gives people a framework for understanding why they do what they do, and how behavioural patterns emerge.  In understanding why what is happening now is happening students will have the skills to make changes and get a different result.  

Our courses are certified and audited by the world’s leading experts in applied behaviour analysis.