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CSJV"Hollin provided professional support to the Balfour Beatty VINCI JV team bidding for HS2 works in the U.K. This support included improving team effectiveness using behavioural science techniques, cultural awareness training between our integrated Anglo French team and preparation for extensive group and individual Behavioural Assessments. Howard, Joanne and Lynn provided expert guidance, training and tuition with immediate and candid feedback to help both our team and individuals perform at their best during the bid and the critical behavioural assessments.

I would not hesitate to recommend Hollin for this work."

Peter Anderson, Managing Director, Balfour Beatty Vinci

CoLOR "Hollin uses behavioural management techniques to maximize individual and group potential.  Hollin are observant people-persons using unbiased techniques to influence success.  They are trusted advisors to my business development and operational needs."

Tom Wilson, Bid Director - Infrastructure, Arcadis

CoLOR "Coaching from David at Hollin provides me with a tailored arena for understanding and growing my leadership capabilities. I’ve learned to enjoy being challenged, and I’ve learned how my simple day to day behaviours are key in creating positive environments, and highly effective teams."

Lee Howard, Buildings Leader - Aurecon

CoLOR "Coaching from David at Hollin has changed my perspective of leadership for the better; it’s something I now understand needs to be deliberate, planned, learned and practiced. The team at Hollin have assisted us in understanding that leadership can be measured just like any other business metric with identifiable results. I would recommend coaching from Hollin to anyone who wants to bring the best out of their team, whilst being unafraid to look at themselves first."

Heath Turnbull, Associate - Aurecon

CSJV "Hollin Consulting was instrumental in helping the BLL Team form the ONE Team. The ONE Team included the Client, Designers, Main Contractor, and Supply Chain working collaboratively together as high performing team to over any challenging work environments. As a result the BLL Team won the  prestigious award of UK Tunnelling Team of The Year at the NCE Tunnelling awards. Rachel and the Hollin Consulting team worked closely myself and my opposite from LUL to create and facilitate bespoke training / seminars to build and develop the core ONE Team at the BLL Project."

Duncan Hasson, CSJV Project Director for Bakerloo Line Link Project

CoLOR "Hollin’s One Team collaboration workshops and surveys were key in helping our Bond Street Station Upgrade project achieve the ICE infrastructure award in 2015. Hollin’s behavioural training and coaching has helped move the project from a traditional ’client and contractor’ relationship to a true One Team."

Steve Nuttall, Project Director, Laing O'Rourke/Costain JV, Bond Street Station Upgrade


"BMT is the game changer for safety."  

Darren James, Infrastructure Managing Director, Costain

Eight2O "We were very well prepared for the assessment today as a result of the training by Hollin. The tuition and practice we had in the workshops paid dividends."

Paul White, Technical Director - Infrastructure, Atkins

"Behavioural Science teaches you to understand why some things youCostain do work and others don't, allowing you to improve the performance of your team and relationships beyond expectation. You will enter a world of pinpoints, expectations, feedback and most importantly consequences."  

Alan Cheung, Director of Behavioural Management, Costain


Eight2O "What I really love about BMT is the fact that you can get everyone engaged.  The design is all about creating the environment which gets the right sort of behaviours.  If you want to create great things, and which business doesn’t, then you’ve got to create the great environment."

Graham Keegan, Chief Operating Officer, Eight2O

Scottish Water 2013"From 2011 to 2013, we have reduced our reportable injuries from 26 down to 3.  I believe that a significant part of this reduction has been due to the roll out of BMT for Safety and our staff's use of Behavioural Science to improve the way we work."    

Peter Farrer, Chief Operating Officer, Scottish Water

CoLOR "It was very clear that the support from Hollin was a real benefit at our interviews and enabled the team to perform to their very best. We are enormously appreciative of the support and feel that we have given ourselves the best chance of securing this important work."

Christopher Pike, Client Development Director, Arcadis

Scottish Water 2013

Hollin were excellent.  Their knowledge and experience of behavioural workshops were very good.  Their direct involvement with UU and recent UU workshops with the contractors was an additional benefit. We were successful in winning the tender and the behaviour assessment preparation played a part in that.  Great result, thanks for all your help”.  

Steve Donkin, Framework Director, Jacobs

Scottish Water 2013"A huge thank you for the training we received, I found it an invaluable experience helping in our bid presentation.  It was a really worthwhile course.  The guidance I and the team received worked to great effect."    

Lisa Morran, MU Credit Controller, Clancy Docwra

United Utilities"The BMT Federation provide a refreshingly honest and simple approach to the teaching and coaching of behavioural techniques that secures improved team performance."  

Neil Colman, Director, United Utilities 

United Utilities"The workshop was a well-paced and challenging day. Everybody attending learnt new skills and improved their readiness for the behavioural workshops. Our objectives have been delivered professionally and to a high standard by Hollin."  

Peter Whitman, Sector Director - Highways, Taylor Woodrow 

Costain"I thought the day was extremely worthwhile and a great enabler towards our bid. The style of delivery was effective and efficient while always remaining reassuring, putting the attendees at ease at all times. The day went very quickly, a sure sign that it was enjoyable. Thanks for an excellent day and all your assistance."  

Jim Davey, Regional Director, Clancy Docwra

Veola Water "At Veolia Water Scotland we wanted to improve our health and safety performance and thought that behavioural based safety would be a way to do it.  What has actually happened has exceeded our expectations and we’re applying behavioural science right across our activities, not just health and safety.  We’re on a journey making good progress and enjoying it."  

Nigel Earnshaw, Director, Veolia Water Scotland

United Utilities"Through working with the Hollin team I have come to understand that the skills required to get the best out of yourself and teams are not the result of a gene you are born with but that they are the result of deliberate learning and practice that anybody can do if you have the desire to really try. Howard and his team help you translate the principles of applied behavioural science into practical actions that you can implement to increase your effectiveness, become a better leader and create more engaged employees."  

Phil Sweeney, General Manager, United Utilities

Turrif"We have engaged Hollin Consulting over the past year, initially to implement Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) but it became quite clear that they possessed a bunch of really talented and committed people who will add real value to any business. Their approach is steeped in the real world and utilises behavioural science as the catalyst for real business change for the better."  

David Dale, Managing Director, Turriff Ltd

Costain"Behaviour science has given me the techniques to create space in my day to do the right things , support and develop my team and tackle the difficult issues . I didn't get it to start with and Hollin helped me apply it in my day job through coaching and creating a network of like minded leaders."  

Rupert Shingleton, Project Director, Costain

Scottish Police Services Authority"I attended the BMT course run by Hollin Consulting for SPSA and found it very useful. I am new to management and the course showed me ways for myself and my team to work more effectively. The stepped approach to implementing clear and achievable improvements and the emphasis on identifying desirable behaviours means that the theory can be applied effectively and helps achieve results."  

Gordon Tyler, GIS Co-Ordinator, Scottish Police Services Authority

Oregon Health & Science Uni"Come to Hollin for training that adds real value long after the courses are done!  So much training ends in the classroom and never has an impact on anything that really matters.  Hollin courses get people started in the classroom, but then they send your people out on-task in the workplace to conduct money saving or money generating projects.  An investment in these courses will change your perspective on what exceptional training looks like! If you’ve climbed to the top and find yourself in a mess of stress trying to lead your people, hire Howard to help you take a look in the mirror and chart out new ways to work and lead.  Engaging with Howard in coaching is a bit like catching a tiger by the tail, but hold on tight and listen carefully!  He is truly a master at helping smart people leap to new levels of effectiveness, happiness, and satisfaction at work."  

Ryan Olson, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University

Scottish Police Services Authority"Behavioural Science has allowed me to develop my management style and make changes to the way that I assess Health & Safety within a Police services environment. The course has allowed me to make changes that have not only improved operational safety but have brought about significant financial savings within the organization. This course was both enjoyable and informative and I would recommend it to others."  

James Bertram, H&S Manager, Scottish Police Authority

Edinburgh City Council"The team at Hollin Consulting have distilled the complex area of behavioural science into easily understood training courses.  You are left wondering why you didn't learn about behavioural management before. I've applied the skills to leadership, improving services and project management and it works! I always enjoy working with Howard and the team."  

Pippa Milne, Waste Services Manager, The City of Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh City Council"My personal favourites were Howard Lees and Rachel Edwards. It was an epiphany for me as I listened to Howard - to encourage more women into IT and IT organizations what is really required along with better education and awareness of the opportunities is a change in behavior"  

Maggie Morrison, HP

Veola Water"I believe passionately that people are the greatest asset of any business and that the development and retention of talented people is essential. The behavioural approach produced by Howard Lees and Bob Cummins has completely changed my focus and understanding of how I can effect and lead my business across a whole spectrum of different subjects especially the time we dedicate to working safely. Their approach is positive and a powerful tool that identifies the difference between and promotes leadership rather than management. I am only just beginning to understand the principles of behavioural science but I recognise how crucial the simple message of DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU'RE GOING TO DO is."  

Iain Washer, Head of PFI's Scotland, Veolia Water

Southern Water"BMT and BBS have delivered tangible Health and Safety performance for Southern Water and our suppliers. I have personally witnessed the benefits and achievements that a BBS approach to Health and Safety has made on a £700M investment programme."  

Ben Green, Project Director, Southern Water

Scottish Police Services Authority"Over the past 7 years Hollin Consulting have provided personal coaching for me and my various teams, BMT training to over 200 of my people, and given me access to experts in behavioural science and world renowned leaders.  Their products work because they don’t sell fancy, expensive solutions; they teach you the tools so that you can find your own solutions.  That’s why their products work."  

Andrea Quinn, Chief Executive, SPSA

Scottish Water"As a result of using behavioural management techniques our managers and supervisors became much more aware of the influence they have, stimulating conversations and changes for the better that would not have otherwise occurred."  

Chris Toop, Head of Customer Service Development, Scottish Water

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