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Behavioural Assessment Preparation

Behavioural Assessment Preparation workshops are designed to build fluency within the team, improving their ability to respond to exercises, challenges and questions during assessment days. 

We have been providing behavioual support for clients in the water, rail, road and nuclear industries since 2013. In the last 12 months, our clients’ win rate has been over 80%. We specialise in supporting companies who have been asked to include a behavioural element into their bid submissions. We provide behavioural assessment coaching (for individuals and teams) and also coaching for directors’ interviews. We have also provided strategic work-winning workshops and documentation services, including ‘red team’ assistance, CV and biography writing/editing, bid editing and final submission ‘one voice’ editing.

Our team of consultants is drawn from industry and academia, and are located in the UK, Ireland and North America. We have carried out research on tendering behavioural workshops and director interviews in the UK and have a good read on what our clients can expect. We also have researched the UK management consultants who have carried out the workshops, creating a comprehensive database on past tendering processes, assessment and interview techniques, and tendering consultants’ behavioural assessments and workshops. Our workshops will equip your team to expertly negotiate the assessment days.

Client testimonials for bid-related workshop days (more available on request): 

I have worked with Hollin consulting on a number of bid opportunities. From the moment the engagement commences you notice a very bespoke personal service. The Hollin team spend time in understanding the commission, ensuring that they understand the client drivers and preparing the team. Our teams always comment after the training how excited they are to present to the client. Thanks Hollin, you really make a difference, applying both the obvious and more subtle nuances of behavioural science and preparing us for success.

Graham Keegan, Water Sector AMP7 Bid Director, Costain Group

“Hollin provided professional support to the Balfour Beatty VINCI JV team bidding for HS2 works in the U.K. This support included improving team effectiveness using behavioural science techniques, cultural awareness training between our integrated Anglo French team and preparation for extensive group and individual Behavioural Assessments. Howard, Joanne and Lynn provided expert guidance, training and tuition with immediate and candid feedback to help both our team and individuals perform at their best during the bid and the critical behavioural assessments. I would not hesitate to recommend Hollin for this work.”
Peter Anderson, Managing Director, Balfour Beatty Vinci

 “I love how Hollin uses behavioural management techniques to maximize individual and group potential. I recall the moment I knew Hollin delivers value.  Joanne pulled me outside of a meeting room to politely ask if my key staff knew “why” they were being asked to participate in a behavioural assessment to compete for a new contract.  Within the first hour, she had detected the root of our problem: It was behavioural.  We immediately made a correction so everyone felt wanted, empowered and confident in being themselves. Hollin are observant people-persons using unbiased techniques to influence success.  Hollin staff are trusted advisors to my business development and operational needs.”

Thomas Wilson, Bid Director - Infrastructure, Arcadis 

 “I thought the day was extremely worthwhile and a great enabler towards our bid. The style of delivery was effective and efficient while always remaining reassuring, putting the attendees at ease at all times. Thanks for an excellent day and all your assistance.”

Jim Davey, Regional Director, Clancy Docwra

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