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Joanne BenjaminApproaching coaching from a scientific perspective offers insights into our own and others’ behaviours, including how to be more efficient in what we say and do.

Good behavioural science-based coaching is founded on developing a trusting relationship that will breed discretionary effort from both the coach and the client. Author and behavioural expert Aubrey Daniels describes discretionary effort as ‘the level of effort people could give if they wanted to, above and beyond the minimum required.’

Coaching helps people analyse their environment and helps them see opportunities for changes they can make that will deliver something different.

Hollin deliver one-to-one coaching, but also train individuals and groups how to coach using tools and techniques from behavioural science.  This ensures that all behavioural changes are measurable. 

Coaching with a behavioural expert will focus on helping the coaching subject to improve their own performance and at the same time teach them the skills to coach their own people. This coaching will involve meeting periodically with one of our behavioural consultants. The subject of the coaching will be asked to complete small amounts of reading between the meetings.

Leadership coaching is a valuable tool for leaders to help them improve their own performance, the performance of those around them and of the project overall.

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