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Leadership is the foundation of success

Rachel Edwards at WorkshopCompetent leadership is the primary component of successful organisations. Great leaders understand that if they bring the best out in their people, then the organisation can be successful.  While the leaders at the top of an organisation have the widest influence, anyone who steers or directs another person is a leader: They might be a supervisor, manager, parent or teacher. 

For most organisational leaders, their staff are directly responsible for delivering the work that will determine whether or not the leader is successful.  Often, leaders make the mistake of thinking that if they clearly articulate a process and expectations, results will automatically improve and become frustrated when that is not the case.

Behavioural Management Techniques (BMT) is a unique blend of behavioural science tools and leadership techniques.

Over the years, many leaders have been trained in BMT.  Some of them, equipped with the knowledge of behavioural science, go on to make meaningful improvements and have a massive impact on the organisations where they work.  The leaders who have a massive impact took the behavioural science they learned and generalised it to all parts of their organisation.

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