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Notes on BMT

Notes on BMT

by Howard Lees

First published ten years ago, Notes on BMT has been rewritten for 2018. The booklet is aimed at people who want an introduction to the basics of Behavioural Management Techniques. It is a primer for further study of applied behaviour analysis and explains how to implement improvements to businesses and projects using simple, proven scientific techniques.

Its author, Howard Lees, is a British Chartered Civil Engineer with 40 years' construction experience. In 2004 he set up Hollin Consulting Ltd, specialising in Behavioural Management Techniques (BMT), which combines applied behavioural science tools and leadership skills to improve effectiveness in organisations, businesses and projects.

This is the fourth edition of Notes on BMT. This text is an introduction rather than an exhaustive study of BMT. However, if read multiple times it has the effect of cementing the basic premise that if we observe and understand what's going on in our local environment, then we can have more influence over what happens.

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