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Speaking Events

Joanne May 2013

Howard LeesGroup Chicago 2013

"Howard’s speech was excellent, lots to consider,
and both fun and relevant."

Other events Hollin people have been invited to speak at include:

Date Speakers Event Details
Mar 2016 Howard Lees PMI conference, Bucharest, Romania
Feb 2016 Howard Lees and Joanne Benjamin
Christchurch Business Conference, NZ
Feb 2016 Howard Lees Christchurch City Council Behavioural Conference, NZ
Oct 2015 Howard Lees, Rachel Edwards and Joanne Benjamin Affinity Event, Dallas TX, USA
June 2015
Joanne Benjamin and Alison Stairmand
Duro Felguera, Manchester, UK
June 2015 Alison Stairmand ABA Forum, London
April 2015 Joanne Benjamin British Tunnelling Society, London
Feb 2015 Howard Lees Aurecon Leadership Conference, NZ
Sept 2014 Lynn Dunlop IOSH, London
Feb 2014 Howard Lees Christchurch (NZ) Business Conference
Dec 2013 Howard Lees Gatwick Conference, London
Dec 2013 Howard Lees Intel Conference, Dublin
Nov 2013 Howard Lees PMI Scotland, Edinburgh
Sept 2013 Rachel Edwards Ayrshire Occupational H&S Group
May 2013 Howard Lees OBM Group Conference, Uppsala, Sweden
Mar 2013 Rachel Edwards and Joanne Benjamin Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group (EABG) Conference
Mar 2013 Rachel Edwards United Utilities, Time Management Workshop
Oct 2012 Rachel Edwards Ryder Marsh Safety Conference
Sept 2012 Rachel Edwards Volvo Customer Commitments, 2 Day Event
June 2012 Howard Lees BMT USA - keynote speech
Feb  2012 Howard Lees Bangor University Open Lecture
Oct 2011 Rachel Edwards Scottish Women in Technology Conference
June 2011 Howard Lees Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), Leeds UK – keynote address
May 2011 Howard Lees, Rachel Edwards and Joanne Benjamin BMT - USA
Nov 2010
Howard Lees
Institution of Civil Engineers, London UK – keynote address
April 2010 Howard Lees 4th European B-BS Congress, Venice, Italy
February 2010 Howard Lees Psychology conference, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland - keynote address
2009 Howard Lees PMI Stevenage, UK
2009 Howard Lees OBM conference, Florida, USA - keynote speech
2008 Howard Lees 3rd European B-BS Congress, Milan, Italy
2008 Howard Lees Project Management Institute (PMI) conference, Aukland, New Zealand - keynote speech
2008 Howard Lees and Rachel Edwards Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) conference in Chicago, USA
2008 Howard Lees OCTA conference, New Zealand
2007 Howard Lees OBM conference, Florida, USA - key note speech
2007 Howard Lees Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) conference, San Diego, USA
2006 Howard Lees Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) conference in Atlanta, USA
2006 Howard Lees Behavioral Safety Now (BSN) conference in Jacksonville, USA


Howard has also presented at various universities across the world, including the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UK), Western Michigan University (USA) and Canterbury University (Christchurch, NZ).

Also of Interest

If you would like to speak to anyone at Hollin or the BMT Federation, we will be very pleased to have a chat.  Call us on 44 (0)7788 252410 or email nicola@hollinconsulting.co.uk

Most of the members of the BMT Federation speak at conferences and events around the world.  If you need an interesting, amusing and memorable speech, just get in touch.

Feedback for Speaking Events

"This was a very valuable presentation. The speakers provided me with a new perspective on how to achieve any goal within our organization. They provided excellent material and entertained in the process. They were a very good choice for the conference."

"WOW! I loved the tag team approach to presenting! This presentation was my favorite... Excellent resources and very well rehearsed. Trained professionals teaching us how to get the simple stuff right."

"I really enjoyed this topic as it provided so many take-aways and we could all improve in this area as it relates to safety managment."

"Well worth the cost of admission."