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The next Behavioural Leadership Conference will take place in May 2022 (please note that this event has been resceduled from its original date in May 2020) in Manchester, UK.

Our conferences and workshops are a great introduction to using applied behavioural science in the workplace. These events represent opportunities for experienced practitioners to refresh their knowledge as well as for new enthusiasts to begin their learning journey. Meet other people interested in applying behavioural science to their organisations - across diverse industries and with a huge range of experiences. 

Our annual Leadership conference takes place every spring and the Safety event takes place every winter.  The conference in June 2018 marked our twelfth Leadership conference.  It is the only publicly-available conference in the UK teaching leadership skills from a behavioural perspective.

Here are some of the talks at previous conferences:

Changing Behaviours by Changing the Environment  Six Leadership Rules

See what previous delegates have said about our conferences:

                      BMT Conferences

Feedback from previous conferences:

"I enjoyed the content of the presentations - from latest research and "academic" to applications in business and school settings. The mix of speakers is good - real human beings with weaknesses trying to be better. The event has a good mix of formality and informality. The pace of the day is very well managed. The venue is a good location with good facilities."

"Excellent speakers, thought provoking and challenging to listen and hear insights into challenging the norm and utilising a simple science which is focused on people to make a difference in both life and business and importantly a science which works!!"

"The balance between Experienced Leaders from industry, Current academic thinking and some thinking around applying Behavioural management techniques was perfect. It was good to here the consistent themes running through the day I have been to several conferences and feel really privileged to here some of the big hitting speakers from Industry you are able to persuade to speak."

"Good speakers, diverse attendance, good networking opportunity, content thought provoking and ability to be deployed practically."

"Interesting topics delivered in fun dynamic way."

“The seminar refreshed some dormant knowledge and gave me an insight to apply behavioural science techniques in to other processes such as planning and incident investigation. The speakers were excellent throughout the day. I can certainly use what I have learned at this seminar immediately in our own organisation.”

"I liked the format of short, informative talks which kept my attention even after an excellent lunch!"

Also of Interest

If you would like to speak to anyone at Hollin or the BMT Federation, we will be very pleased to have a chat.  Call us on 44 (0)7788 252410 or email nicola@hollinconsulting.co.uk

Most of the members of the BMT Federation speak at conferences and events around the world.  If you need an interesting, amusing and memorable speech, just get in touch.

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