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Hollin courses and workshops comprise classroom sessions, interactive remote study and online/telephone coaching for each delegate.  All our courses are bespoke for your organisation and then tailored around the delegates, so a leadership course for the executive board is distinct from one for supervisors. 

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Hollin Workshops offer an intensive learning experience in a classroom environment. Each workshop includes case studies and interactive exercises.  Telephone coaching is provided after the workshop to encourage ongoing learning from the delegates.

Hollin Courses are designed to maximise the delegates’ ability to absorb information and use what they have been taught long after the course has finished.  Up to eight classroom modules take place over two weeks:  Research shows that people who refresh their knowledge regularly retain it for longer.  Between classroom sessions, delegates read course booklets, complete online case studies and practise the basic skills of observing behaviours and gathering data.  For the duration of the course, coaching is provided for each delegate from a dedicated tutor.


Every Hollin course graduate completes a Behavioural Improvement Plan (BIP).  Each BIP generates an improvement for the delegate's organisation, be it in efficiency, cash savings, safety or customer satisfaction.  Click here to see some BIP results from our courses.

One course graduate saved his organisation £200k by changing their management of fleet vehicles.  He went on to save a further £400k using the problem-solving tools he had learned, saving the organisation some £600k over two years, and every subsequent year.

Sustainable Change

For anything new to be sustainable, it must fit a company’s culture and local environments, so we design each course specifically for the organisation.  It is also vital that senior management understand and support the BMT approach, so we recommend that early modules are rolled out to senior managers.  Engaging the senior team ensures that sustainability throughout the whole organisation is achieved more quickly and easily.

BMT is not a quick fix, or an off-the-shelf system, and it cannot be implemented overnight.  It requires people at all levels of an organisation to change their day-to-day behaviours in order to get the best performance from those around them.  It seems simple to do, but it is not easy. 

To enquire about our courses, please contact Nicola Griffiths on 44 (0) 7788 252410 or email nicola@hollinconsulting.co.uk

Upcoming Courses

Coaching Workshop

The Hollin Workshop on Coaching is a one day interactive event introducing participants to the basics of coaching.

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BMT for Leaders

BMT for Leaders is designed for anyone who works with other people; from chief executive to shop-floor staff. Learn how to get the best performance from those around you using Behavioural Management Techniques.

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Hollin Courses and Workshops

BMT for Leaders Course

Behavioural Assessment Preparation Workshops

BMT for Safety Course


"Thank you for your valued feedback, I think that’s made the biggest difference to this course to separate it from others. Lynn and Jo both know the subject matter inside out and more importantly (for me), are always there to give timely feedback and suggestions to make you think outside the box."

"The course was fantastic. A great subject facilitated by Rachel, whose enthusiasm, relaxed & positive nature and deep knowledge of BMT made it even better. I am now much more aware of my behaviour and how it affects others, especially direct reports, kids and my wife! Thank you."

"I thought the course was very informative and almost provided me with a new language. It also helped me understand that in order to change behaviours of others, I firstly need to look at (and change) my own behaviour. I would recommend that others within our business go through this process too, as the more people within the organisation being able to communicate in this 'new' language, the better it will be."

"Good pace, interesting, relevant and learnt new skills which I have started to use. It also has made me think about my own performance as a manager and a leader."

"Very interesting course, very well delivered and offered an excellent forum for thought and discussion. I would definitely recommend that others take this course."